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Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent

For people with an adventurous spirit, a camping tent is always a necessity for their camping. The Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent from Kelty camping products is the tent ideal for you for your hiking trips or overnight escapades. This brand of outdoor equipment is for two to three persons so that you can enjoy your outdoor adventure with a loved one or two of your friends.

The Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent offers a variety of features that will make you outdoor experience comfortable and more memorable. Even though this tent can accommodate three people, this Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent stays livable and durable and very handy because of its low weight material. Plus, there are also added components where you can store your things inside and the outer side of the tent. There is a cloth compartment hanging on the middle part inside the tent where you can put your flashlight or anything to free some space on the floor of the tent. The most functional component of this tent is that; it has two entryways so, it provides easy access on the way-out and on the way-in without bumping or crawling over your partner. You can also use the backdoor entry for access to your storage area of the outside interior of the tent.

  • Set-up

Setting the Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent is so easy that it only needs one person to do it. It is lightweight so, even one woman can put it up without any trouble. All you have to do is to take it out from your pack, unfold it, and then proceed in mounting up the cross pole. It will be easy to build it because it has a color-coded clip construction to guide you on the right attachments of the poles.

When the tent is set-up, you can proceed in clipping the pieces to the structure to lift up the fabric off the ground to finally make it inhabitable. The provided extra cover will be used as a cover and secure it with clips on the side. You can flip it to the side if you want fresh air to come thru and if you want to see the surroundings or you want to lie down watching the stars.

  • Entrance and Size

Floor area: 44 ft
Vestibule Area: 9 ft + 9ft
Length: 88 inches
Height: 47 inches
Packed diameter: 7 inches
Packed length: 24 inches

Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent provides dual doors. It also has two vestibules to provide storage in the outside interior of your tent. You can use this space storage for your gears or food containers.

The size of Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent will be comfortable enough for two people or three people. But, if there are only two of you, then you will have extra space for your things, and you can still move around comfortably.

  • Ventilation

The two entryways allow air to pass through and ventilate the inside of the tent. Two flaps on the top part of the roof allow air to enter the inside of the tent.


  • Polyester mesh
  • The seamless outer floor of the tent
  • 2 vestibules for extra storage
  • The two vestibules for easy access on way-in and way-out
  • Hanging storage in the inside
  • Colored clip construction
  • Two flaps on the top part of the roof to maintain ventilation

What We Like Most

  • Very easy to set up
  • Very handy and easy to pack
  • It can accommodate two people to three people
  • It provides beneficial storage for your things
  • The front door and the back door provides easy access
  • Provides proper ventilation
  • adjustable stargazing fly
  • the protective features will keep you dry for it provides effective shelter from rainwater

What We Don’t Like

  • zippers on the fly can get stuck

Frequently Ask Question

What type of fabric is the Kelty tent made of and is it durable?
  • The Kelty tent is made of high-quality, durable materials. the poles are made of DAC aluminum. The tent fabric is made of polyester. It was proven by those who have tried it on a windy and rainy night. They said the tent never moved, and rainwater never came inside the tent and they have slept well even with the weather.
Is the tent UV proof?
  • The polyester material is more long-lasting more than nylon. So it is more fade.
  • Resistant and surely and still be durable even exposed to UV for a long time.
During windy weather, is it breezy inside the tent?
  • It will not be breezy inside because the rain fly closes all the way to the ground. And it has been reported by a customer that it works fine for them when used in winter.



Final Verdict

Based on the reviews of the majority of the customers, the Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent durable and can last long in windy and even the rainy season. It also provides a comfortable, livable space for two to three people. It is proven to be very functional during stormy weather and even the rainy season. The two doors provide convenience, and the two vestibules are very useful as a storage area. If you are looking for a low weight but with a high-quality tent, the Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent will be ideal for you. The Kelty tent is guaranteed a reliable product with a justifiable price. Therefore, I confidently advise all campers to choose this product.

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