How to Choose a Good Camping Tent

How to Choose a Good Camping Tent

Every time you and your family decide to go to a picnic camping you will likely get excited because going out for a family bonding is really fun and can relieve some of your stress that you have gained from the hustle and bustle of daily work. So a weekend’s rest is really rewarding.

Of all the things that you will need when camping out, a camping tent is highly indispensable because even if the weather is fair you will still need a shade where you can have some privacy or where you can hide when the sun is set high. Thus, a camping tent is subject to the elements of the environment. Moreover, people use it for security.

A camping tent must be good enough to hold the convenience and security of the people who shade into it.  If you plan to go day-long camping trip and looking to buy a new camping tent all the considerations that are favorable to you, must be present to its features. These considerations must have something to do with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the camping tent. Here are the following tips to help you with this;

Choose the size of your tent

Determine what size will comfortably fit your family. If you have 4 people family, a six-person type of tent will be desirable. You know why? because the extra space will come in handy to store the backpacks and other additional belongings. So, you should always consider a tent depending on the number of people. And make sure that you had the gears that they are bringing in mind.

The size of the tent must also fit the person when he is going to sleep and the clearance for each person that will sleep inside the tent must be convenient enough for each of them. You should consider it because you will frequently use camping tents for overnight outings. Other things that you must consider about the size are the length, width and height of the camping tent relative to the height and sizes of the campers.

Choose the tent shape

Camping tents usually come in different shapes: the A-frame; Umbrella type; Geodesic or dome type; and the Wall type. The A-frame is a pup tent shape and sometimes used by large groups. The umbrella type is frequently used by a family as their camping tent because it has lot of space for standing. It is usually depicted with large windows and a rain fly at the top of it. The Geodesic or dome type camping tent is a combination of triangular shape walls that formed like a dome. Lastly the wall tent which looks like an A-frame but are much larger with a vertical walling. Depending on the description you can definitely choose what camping shape will likely accommodate your camp group.

Choose the tent poles

Choosing the right tent poles is crucial to the stability of the camping tent since they are subject to the forces of both the campers and the wind. Tent poles come as either an aluminum or fiberglass type and they are linked with elastic shock cord. We use it to secure the poles from breaking away and to quicken the set up of the tent. Usually poles may really bend or break that’s why some manufacturers sell the tent package with emergency repair links that should be carried along with the tent.

Consider the maximum length of the pole and its resection length. This is important because you will have to carry them first on your bag or motorcycle so you will determine what mobility you are going to chose in order to carry the tents pole. When you have chosen the right pole for you do not forget to test them at home so that you can easily set it up when you are already at the camping site.

Choose a good fabric

All tents are nearly nylon type and it is the good fabric for a good tent. For tent walls, we usually use breathable nylon while a coated nylon is frequently used to waterproof the floors. However for heavier camping tents a thicker and denser quality fabric is more desirable although you might have a second thought of bringing heavy fabrics because of its weight. In any case, do not fold a wet tent, always dry it first before folding.

Choose a good zipper

Usually, manufacturers use zippers to open and close the tents. therefore when choosing a camping tent, focus on whether you can freely open and close the zippers. It should not also catch the tent fabric while trying to open or close. The qualities of zippers also vary. A plastic or brass zipper usually doesn’t corrode while the steel or aluminum types are stronger but prone to corrosion.  The maintenance for Zippers is to spray it using spray silicone to keep them in good working condition.

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