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Coleman Sundome Tent Review: What Makes It Premium Quality

Whether you like to go hiking, trekking, offloading or maybe just trying to reconnect with nature, the Coleman Sundome Tent is your perfect outdoor companion. From the company leading in quality lanterns, tents, coolers, stoves, sleeping bags and other essentials for your adventure, Coleman Sundome Tent is ideal especially for group adventures, comfortably fitting 6 persons in one single outdoor tent.

Coleman Sundome Tent Review

Coleman Sundome Tent Review

The Coleman Sundome tent offers excellent comfort to shelter you and your family or friends while you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, away from the hassles of the metro. The fantastic features of this tent will surely impress your discriminating taste in outdoor equipment as the tent boasts of its durability, ease of use and large capacity. It will surely protect you from the potential dangers of unknown territory away from home as well as excellent protection against harsh weather conditions.

This tent is also straight forward to carry around and takes very little time to set up. Extra features also ensure excellent ventilation provided by screened in upper walls, option for privacy with side flaps and extra inside pockets that make for great storage. The Coleman Sundome Tent also features Weather Tec System that protects you from extreme rain while camping.


Setting the Coleman Sundome Tent up is very easy and takes only about 10 minutes to finish. Even first time camping tent setters does not have any problem with the setup and took only very little time. The tent uses continuous Insta Clip Poles that makes it very easy to assemble the cross pole. Once the cross pole set in place, the very durable TC fabric can be lifted into a real usable tent shape. The tent includes 10 metal stakes to help you mount down the tent to its secure place.

You can choose to zip or unzip the side flap and rain fly system. The material is very lightweight and makes for a very easy tent set up. The durable TC fabric with the Weather Tec system keeps the rain out of your tent and helps you stay warm and dirty inside even through harsh weather conditions.

Entry and Size

The Coleman Sundome tent can easily fit two queen-sized beds to accommodate six people at once comfortably. Even a six-fit tall person can still comfortably fit with 5 other adults inside and also have extra legroom so it does not feel very tight and stuff. The tent also has side pockets to store essential items like wallets, cameras and the like. It has excellent ventilation inside and keeps away the bugs and insects lying around with the screened-in upper wall design.


  • Dimensions: 26.7 x 8.4 x 7.9 inches
  • Width: 10ft
  • Length: 10 ft
  • Height: 6ft
  • Shipping weight: 9.6 pounds (can be shipped within the USA)


  • Screened in upper wall design allows excellent air circulation and keeps the bugs and insects out.
  • Side flaps and rain fly flaps with Weather Tec System keep too much air from getting inside plus keeps the rain away.

Product Features of Coleman Sundome Tent

  • Durable TC Fabric
  • Waterproof Weather Tech System
  • Easily holds up to six people
  • Sets up and tears down in 10 minutes with Insta-Clip poles
  • Contains inside pockets for storage
  • Has hanging hook for lamps and lanterns
  • Small opening for any extension chords
  • Screened in the upper wall for excellent ventilation

What We Like Most

  • Very handy and lightweight to easily carry around
  • Easy set up takes only about 10 minutes
  • Comfortably fits 6 people inside
  • Can easily fit two queen-sized mattresses
  • Excellent ventilation to avoid condensation inside and keeps out bugs and insects.
  • Has internal storage pockets to store important stuff
  • Waterproof Weather Tec rain flap keeps out the rain
  • Very durable and can last for years

What We Don’t Like

  • Rainwater can seep through the seams
  • Not advisable for camping in the chilly area or too cold weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the floor dimensions of the Coleman Sundome Tent (6 persons capacity)?
The Coleman Sundome tent has a floor area of 10ftx10 ft providing adequate room for 6 people to the comfortable fit, and can even fit two queen-sized beds inside.
How massive is the tent and can I carry it with other outdoor equipments?
The Coleman Sundome Tent weighs only about 9.6 lbs, convenient and easy to carry around even when you have other outdoor equipments.
Is it suitable for two adults and two kids?
The tent can comfortably fit 4 persons and with some of the persons being little kids, you still have plenty of room to move around and can even have spaces to store some of your things.
What is the recommended sealing for the seams?
Kiwi Camp Dry Sealant is great for sealing the seams but any other sealants will do as long as you leave it up overnight to allow the sealant to have enough time to dry up and secure the seams firmly.


Final Verdict

With the reviews of many customers, it has shown that the Coleman Sundome Tent is very spacious and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people at once. Its durable TC fabric with the waterproof Weather Tec system keeps you from the rain while the screened-in walls provide adequate ventilation inside, preventing any interior condensation while keeping the bugs out. It proves very handy and easy to set up and pack up as well. The durable fabric ensures that the tent can last for years.

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