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Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review: Does It Worth your Money? The Coleman company, founded by William Coffin Coleman in 1900, has since then been providing American outdoor lovers with quality outdoor recreational products. With this long history of camping gear now comes to a refined Camping Tent built to answer the questions of recreation and nature.

Questions like “Can we have a fun outdoor trip?” or “Is there enough shelter for the whole family?” With increased living space and a newer, more innovative setup. Coleman now brings us Coleman Montana 8 Person Camping Tent. Check out the full Coleman Montana 8 person tent review to get all your answers.

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review


User reviews show that though Montana 8 designed to built quickly, it tends to be a little more challenging to set up than other models of tents. To be fair, however, it is a massive tent than others-as mentioned below under ‘size.’ Its size and door awning may be what adds to the setup time. It recommended that one starts the setup with an extra pair of hands at least 45-60 minutes before sundown to ensure adequate sunlight for setting up.


Unlike many other tents that may be flimsy and cumbersome, especially so after made wet by rain, the entry for the Coleman elite montana 8 person tent includes a door that is hinged and complete with a window that makes up for half the door size. One may attribute this ease of access to the framework of the door.


The tent has been described as “huge” by many consumers, but more technically, the floor space is 16 ft. x 7 ft. (4.88 m x 2.13 m). Architecturally speaking, this would comfortably fit 6 to 7 average-sized adults. According to the Coleman website, It has also been measured to fit 3 queen-sized airbeds. It is also 1.88m high, which is above average human height and comfortable standing space for as long as one is not over 6 feet tall.


Half the door is a window, And there are two windows on either side of the tent. They are set high likely to release warm air that rises, however, the idea of adequate ventilation in more humid climates or during times of higher metabolic action with 7 or 8 people, luggage, and no wind speed is questionable. With this in mind, campers will want to ensure that this tent set up to capitalize on wind direction. This product may not be as bad in good weather as the roof equipped with a meshed skylight. Even if it were to rain, the innovative windows are angled to let in the air but not water.


If 8 people occupied this tent at any time, there would be little compartmental space (on the floor). The only intentional room that comes with the tent is two small bags hung on opposite sides of the tent. This could be proved too inconvenient for all those who would occupy the middle spaces of the tent.

Product FEATURES (from Coleman)

  • Exclusive WeatherTec™ System keeps you dry Guaranteed
  • Coleman elite montana 8 person tent with hinged door gives you a comfortable inn and out
  • The electrical port allows you to bring power inside the tent
  • Cabin-like design with specially-angled windows keeps the rain out, even when they’re open
  • Door awning, protection from rain and the sun
  • WeatherTec™ System, patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out
  • Rainfly for weather protection, mesh roof for more sunlight
  • Insta-Clip™ pole attachments stand up to winds
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy, 15-minute setup
  • 16 ft. x 7 ft. (4.88 m x 2.13 m), fits eight people or three queen airbeds
  • 6 ft. 2 inns. (1.88 m) height, room to stand and move
  • 1-year limited warranty

What We Like Most

  • Loop at the interior apex to hang the lantern
  • Electrical compatible
  • Cabin similar design
  • Sturdy hinged door (with awning)
  • Individual windows angled to keep rainwater out
  • Unique technology to resist moisture infiltration
  • Rain-fly and meshed sunroof
  • Built with Insta-Clip™ pole attachments that form structurally sound rigid joints
  • 16 ft. x 7 ft. (4.88 m x 2.13 m), fits 6 to 8 people or three queen airbeds and 6 ft. 2 inns. (1.88 m) height, room to stand and move

What We Don’t Like

  • Built to house 7 sleeping bags comfortably
  • Lacks storage compartment
  • Only two sacks on either side
  • Ventilation could be better
  • More straightforward setup with more than one person



Final Verdict

If one is looking for a comfortable camping trip for a family of six or seven in a cool place with reasonably good weather, then this is the tent to go for you. It is affordable, durable, reasonably easy to set up, equipped with water-resistant technology, spacious and modernized. It is ideal for a spontaneous night out in the woods or a casual hiking vacation with the family.

In other climate regions, consumers may want to observe some amount of caution as to where they set up this tent as it could get hot. Coleman montana 8 person tent is the tent to go for your travel house. It is one of a kind and comes highly recommended.

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